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A guy who writes humorous articles.
He has a large fan base, which contrary to popular belief, isn't just a load of 12-18 year olds, and don't all type in 1337 spk.

The majority of those who protest against his work are dull, or unintelligent:

-The dull usually moan about facts being twisted, or the articles being full of bias. IF YOU WANT FACTS READ A NEWSPAPER!! Maddox's articles are for humour only.

-The unintelligent label him as a "greasy nerd" or "fag", despite him being neither. They sometimes say that Maddox can't get laid, which is pretty ridiculous considering he has a HOT girlfriend.

The mothers against maddox movement fall into both these categories. They really need to grow the hell up and get their priorities sorted.
Guy: "Maddox ur a fag and ur greasy, even though u have a hot girlfriend, r famous, and make mo money than me"

Guy2: "Maddox, I visited your site expecting serious unbiased articles. I'm really dissapointed. I shan't be returning, and I shall express my dissapointment on other internet sites. I suck ass."

Mother against Maddox: "I like to campaign against internet sites while my kids are out smoking pot and having underage sex. I don't have a clue how to be a good parent, so I campaign against things that aren't really going to affect my child."
by BruceMcGoose July 20, 2006

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