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1. An obese, or fat person who is also an asshole ( short for Fat Fuck ). 2. Stupid moron with a rather large body mass.
Omar yelled out seriously rude remarks to the man in the car next to him. Not knowing he did anything wrong, the man shrugged and started his car. Omar then climbed into his car, and it sagged heavily from his huge weight. Suddenly, the man next to him yelled over "Shut your damn mouth you dumb Faffuck!".
by Bruce-GumChewz January 17, 2011
The short piece of exhaust pipe sticking out the back of a vehicle. Commonly found on some economy versions such as the V6 Mustang. The dick pipe is just a single pipe sticking out the back at a curved downward angle and a beveled cut at the end.
I need to get a new exhaust system for my ride. I'm looking at a true dual exhaust to replace that ugly dick pipe setup.
by Bruce-GumChewz January 17, 2011

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