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Trizzie an evolving terminology was introduced in 2007 at Western Illinois University by founder Charles S. Stamper and co-founder Kenny K. Yu. The word “TRIZZIE” is derived from “TRIZ” a Romanized acronym for Russian meaning “Theory of solving inventive problems” or “Theory of inventive problem solving”. It was developed by Soviet researcher Genrich Altshuller and his colleagues around 1946. It has been evolving ever since.

Trizzie / tr-i-zz-i-e; is the three minimalist economic cycles for the “Science and theories of solving problems” Trizzie cycles referred to as (DPI) - Data, Planning, Implementing, – is a valuable way to recycle information in its simplest form utilizing fundamentals of economics / ec•o•nom•ic.
a. relating to the “Science and theories of solving problems”.
b. conduct your business agenda utilizing trizzie resources.
c. we referred to the minimalist economic trizzie cycles.
d. D.P.I is the economic Trizzie cycles of marketing.

Trizzie utilizes an effective economic “Minimalist” approach saving time and money for a financially viable approach to growth.

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