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1 definition by Bruce Thomas Wayne

Billonaire playboy, he dates movie stars and supermodels. He lives a superficial meaningless life. For some reason all the other definitions on this site think that he is The Dark Knight, but think about it; why would a billionaire playboy like him devote his nights to beating up Gotham's criminals?
Guy 1: So who do you think the caped crusauder is?

Guy 2: I think it's Bruce Wayne. Think about it; right after he comes back to Gotham a well-equiped vigalante starts cleaning up the streets. I mean who else could afford the equipment Batman uses.

Guy 1: You think that billonaire playboy is the Batman? You're dumber than you look. I think the Batman is that new D.A. Who's been cleaning up the streets.
by Bruce Thomas Wayne September 19, 2009