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A phrase often shouted after succesfully completing a mission.

A famous southpark episode depicts Al Gore shouting "Excelsior" after defeating Manbearpig.
Unfortunately, Al Gore is still searching for Manbearpig in real life.
George Bush after winning the election due to him rigging it: "Excelsior!"
by Bruce McGoose January 10, 2007
A precision sport, which involves expelling faeces from one's anus at unsuspecting arabs. It's expected to be done from at least the 6th floor of a building.

The sport of humblejeeblebum also has a ranking system.
Obviously due to the difficulty of the task, the figures below are for total hits within one year.

0 Feeblejeeblebum
1 - 3 Heeblejeeblebum
4 - 7 Evilknieveljeeblebum
8 - 12 Legaleaglejeeblebum
12 - 20 Regalseagulljeeblebum
20+ Grandmassturd
"Wow, what a humblejeeblebum. Some day I shall take up this sport, and reach the rank of Grandmassturd as my father did before he was killed by death, and inspired mötorhead to write the song 'killed by death' "
by Bruce McGoose January 10, 2007
A more casual word to use instead of 'pardon'.
Pronounced 'Perd-vay'.
Man: Let us retreat to our quarters and sexualise.
Woman: Nay! I am a lesbian now lol.
Man: Perdweh?
by Bruce McGoose April 02, 2008
Often said instead of its full form, "Part eleven or twelve".
It's most frequently used when watching movies on youtube, and forgetting if you've already seen part 11 or not.
"Was that last one part 10 or 11?"
"No idea.."
"So.. Parlevetweow?"
by Bruce McGoose January 10, 2007
Musbums, are muslims who aren't afraid to kill themselves in the name of Allah.
Female Musbums often wear a peepscarf, in order to hide their identity.
"I saw some Muslims today, I was pretty nervous, but they weren't Musbums"
by Bruce McGoose January 10, 2007
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