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A female you only intend on having sex with or securing a PLS from. This is the opposite of a girl you'd like to have a relationship with.
Stevie: "Yo did you ever call that girl?"
Kenny: "What girl, Stevie?"
Stevie: "That whorefish with the big fake tits"
Kenny: "Nah I'm hoping she'll PLS me after the AA meeting on Tuesday".
#whore #slut #cock whore #easy #prude #bitch #whitefish #hoarfish #who-erfish
by Bruce Locatelli July 26, 2011
Parking lot special. When a man receives a blow job in either his or his date's car while in a public parking lot. Preferably, the PLS will occur on your first date in your date's car.
Bruce: "Hey dude how'd your date go with that whorefish you met at the car wash? Get laid?"
Eddie: "Nah but I got a PLS in the Taco Cabana parking lot"
Bruce: "Did you celebrate with a chicken quesadilla?"
#blow job #parking lot blow job #hummer #head #pls
by Bruce Locatelli July 26, 2011
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