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To wreck havoc upon evil-doers Jean Claude Van Dam style.
You an' yo' babe are in a bar. Drunk ruffian comes up to your girl and does an Etch-A-Sketch. He and his buds laugh.
You to your brutha: Hey dude, it's time to do some Van Damage.
Your brutha: Yo' Bro', let's get it on!
#bruise lee #show off some steve austin powers #king kong 'em #leroy brown 'em #a-team.
by Bruce Lee Majors May 07, 2006
(1) Any mixed martial art.

(2) Any martial art whose name you can't remember.
PETER: Poindexter beat up Leroy?

BOBBY: Yeah, he used some kind of Kung Jitsu stuff on him!
#van damage #steve austin powers #bruise lee #no holds barred #savate #wresponkibo #brews lee #throw wrestling
by Bruce Lee Majors July 23, 2006
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