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A great yet very much underestimated 8-bit console that was released towards the end of the 80's, developed by NEC Corp Japan, this 8-bit wonder (the size of an average person's palm) rivalled and put to shame 16-bit systems such as the Amiga and Atari ST's.

At the same era, the Sega Master System and Nintendo's NES was also doing the rounds but technically they weren't as advanced as the PC Engine.

Unfortunately, due to poor communications and lack of marketing the PC Engine only ever graced hardcore import gamer's shelves and was never much heard of again.

NEC also created a handheld of the PC Engine, known as the PC Engine GT this was at the time THE handheld to have (techinically far superior to GameBoy and Sega's Game Gear), but again was hampered by lack of marketing and only was available to die-hard gaming fans.
PC Engine shall be remembered forever...
by Bruce Lee March 29, 2003
The use of one's Penis in the cleavage of a female (dependent on how much cleavage they have of course) - stimulating the art of intercourse.
All he's gonna get is a Tit-Wank that tight Gypo!.
by Bruce Lee March 27, 2003
The best of the best, Wicked, Wickedest.
Yeah man, check these choons out, theys the Wickedest!
by Bruce Lee March 29, 2003
Orgasmically in awe, shocked, surprised, almost to the point of ejaculation.
Chris Tarrant was extremely elated after seeing his little dinghy a-float.
by Bruce Lee March 27, 2003
Abbreviation for Shigeru Miyamoto.
- Modern video-gaming usage.

Shigeru Miyamoto is currently employed by the Nintendo Corporation
You played Shigsy's latest RPG "Zelda" on the GC? It's very impressive!!!
by Bruce Lee March 28, 2003
The act of jizzing in someone's face, usual in the ocular region, to the extent that they squint for days afterwards.
What's with Sarah's eyes?
Oh, I gave that slut the Emperor Mao last night.
by Bruce Lee March 01, 2005
Net abbreviation for "Baby" or "Babe" - Which ever you want to read it.
How's my bayb (baby) doing tonight?


Hey!, check out that bayb (babe).
by Bruce Lee April 24, 2005

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