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An ad hoc fixture for performing some mechanical or other operation on something else. Also: a tool.
Hey Paul, hand me that framis, would you?
by Bruce Amiata November 15, 2006
A class of elites who have no sense of noblesse oblige. They blithely govern or advocate for their own benefit while negligently allowing the lower classes and/or society's critical infrastructure to degrade.
That Senator is a fine specimen of the Negligencia. He always votes against increasing highway and education spending.
by Bruce Amiata October 23, 2010
An insignificant fiefdom, given to bizarre political intrigues and petty bullying, often headed by one suffering from a Napoleon Complex.

That parochial school principal sure runs her pissantium with no regard for morality or ethics, doesn't she.
by Bruce Amiata May 27, 2008
An happy expression of farewell - "Ta Ta", but bodaciously. A sexy, voluptuous farewell. Often abbreviated as "BTT".
Person one: See you later

Person two: BTT! (Bodacious Ta Ta)

by Bruce Amiata November 26, 2006
A thing, specifically a complicated, manufactured item. Syn: Gizmo.
Mark, hand me that gizmodius there, would you? I need to fix this framis here.
by Bruce Amiata November 15, 2006
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