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a phrase that points out to another that you have recently finger banged his or her maternal parent. Usually paired with an outstreched index finger pointed at the other person's nose. Usually delievered in a New York City accent.
Smell ya motha, you asshole.
by Bruce February 14, 2005
Noun}: A Person in the wrong Placedoing the wrong Thing;

e.g.: A Child Molester let into the general population of a prison yard.
"If'in we catch your ass in the yard, you's gonna have so many shanks stuck in it, when we's done they won't be able to tell if it's you, or a Stainless Steel Pork-a-pine!"
by Bruce June 20, 2004
Forever spelled backwards. Denotes beyond forever, eternity, etc.
"I will love you, Erin, reverof!"
by Bruce December 09, 2003
verb; to throw someone into a vat of unknown substances at Axis chemicals
Hey man, lemme holla at ya sister or i'll napier ya
by bruce April 18, 2004
A noise used to annoy people in class without having ot be too loud. Also can be used as a greeting between friends.
John "Hey"
Bruce "Hr!"
by Bruce November 01, 2004
A person so involved in the world of cyberlust and self gratifacation, that they completely shut themselves off from others, and even become green with cyberjealousy to the point of changing rooms often, or in severe cases hiding in locked web sites.
Hey Joe..want to go to the bar tonight?

Can't Jack..better stick around the house.
by Bruce August 08, 2003
Fine. Good. Just the way it is.
"Everything's comin' up robar"
by Bruce March 14, 2005
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