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big and mushy, as in baby cheeks.
"Wow. The only thing more adorable than that baby's eyes are his bloopy cheeks!"
by BrownsvilleGirl March 01, 2005
sincerely excessive accolades.
"Oy, she's so special that she called my mother to give vayos on the cookies I baked her!"
by BrownsvilleGirl May 19, 2005
One who discriminates against others who have meat on their bones.
"Timmy didn't go for Beyonce because he's a meatist."
by BrownsvilleGirl April 15, 2005
across a large piece of land.
Some people suffer from transterrainian lovesick blues.
by BrownsvilleGirl February 27, 2005
adj. neither here nor there, but in a bad way.

Midolic stems from the popular drug, Midol. While Midol can induce sleep upon ingestion, thereby making the recipient of the drug ineffectual, not taking Midol on certain days will render the pain-filled woman debiliated.
"If I go to class unprepared my teacher'll know I didn't read, but if I don't go to class, he'll KNOW I didn't prepare. Goodness, I'm in a midolic situation."
by BrownsvilleGirl March 26, 2005
v. to ignore, but in child talk.
"Mommy, the boys are being so mean to me--they're all ginoring me!"
by BrownsvilleGirl May 02, 2005
a person who is unnecessarily thought to be intimidating when really, she or he is a pretty nice person.
"But I can't just go over and talk to her, she's intimidating."
"Are you kidding me? She's the nicest girl in the world..."
"I guess. She's a total blook."
by BrownsvilleGirl February 28, 2005

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