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A derogatory term, can be used as an adjective, or in its verb form. Originates from avoiding "Word Filter Lad"

Also see Mooseking

Young Child - "Oh my word, I seem to have fallen into a mutated pile of shteaming monkey phlegm and stained my long johns"

Lad - "MO5KING!!!"


Person 1 - "What are you doing pete lad?"
Pete lad - "I am Mo5king you"
by Brownlad October 17, 2005
Originates from Mo5king. A mistyping of Mosking/mo5king including an extra 'o'

Often leads to buckas chocking and making a Moose-King chop.
Pete - "Did you see Jase's horendous gay clothing? MOOSKING!"

Buckas - "LMFAO!!! crr!! MOOSEKING! Im making a chop of that crr!!"
by Brownlad October 17, 2005

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