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a way to say that you are a pimp. Also can be used when asked the question: "Is it Idaho or Udaho?"
"Is it Idaho or Udaho?"
"Idaho runner (I-da-ho runner)."
by Browniezz October 12, 2009
What the rhinoceros; a socially appropriate way to say "What the fuck!".
"Are you ready for our exam?"
"No, i did not even know we had one. Wtr!"
by Browniezz October 12, 2009
sex. This can be interpreted in many aspects of life including the bedroom, math class, science class, or anything that includes graphing. (courtesy of Dr. Parker)
"Graphing is fun when you know how to do it."

"Graphing requires flexibility of the mind and body."

"I want you to go home and practice graphing."

"Didn't anyone teach you how to graph when you were younger?"
by Browniezz October 09, 2009
an acronym for masturbation; masturbation:

Pull / (ing)
Sex organs
When being told to explore new horizons,

"You should practice PHYSICS."
"Yes ma'am!"
by Browniezz October 12, 2009
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