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N. One who looks the fool

Clowner - one who clowns, or makes a clown of another.
Spot 'em... GOT 'EM! DAMN dood! You just got CLOWNED!

Oh man, that's some madd clownery.

You're excessive clowning is excessive.
by BrownHouse786 October 26, 2004
1. Oya's hometown.
2. St. Loius
I'm from Nellyville.
When are you going to Nellyville?
Those Nellyvillians are all idiots.
by BrownHouse786 October 26, 2004
1. A girl who resembles a doll.
2. A fleet-footed ghost (i.e. a jilbaab-er on rollerblades)
3. One who learns, yearns, churns, spurns, burns and on occasion furns a lot.
Hey Rumana, how's the churning going? Have you had a yearnin' for some burnin', Rumana?
Dood, was that just Rumana who buzzed by?
by BrownHouse786 October 27, 2004
Adj. A common term used to describe passerbys or clowns typically from a balcony, but also from moving vehicles or packs of clowns.

N. A person who deserves to be called a bleeotch, typically is one.

V. Rarely is it necessary to decribe an action as bleeotching, but when you must resort to this -- and you'll know when you need to -- clearly that particular action epitomizes bleeotchness.
Hey! Bleeotch! You in the yellow! Why are you such a Bleeotch?!?

Dude, that right there, that is the definintion of l bleeotching. That is just absurd.
by BrownHouse786 October 25, 2004
1. Derived from blee, this word it used to describe soemthing.
2. A word that can only be understood through context.
How are you doing? Bleefully.
You're not fully clean unless you're BLEEfully clean!
by BrownHouse786 November 01, 2004
1. Chicago
2. Anti Nellyville.
3. StLoius' polar opposite
When are you headed to RKellyville?
RKellyville is far superior to Nellyville.
by BrownHouse786 November 18, 2004
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