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An Acronym for "Put It In My Bums" to express a feeling of Joy,Happiness, Lust or an urge to have it as your own towards an object or person.

Can Also Be Used As Follows:
PIIHB --> Put It In His/Her Bums
PIITB --> Put It In Their Bums
PIIYB --> Put It In Your Bums
Martin: Wow, Look At That New Car

Steve: I Would So PIIMB!!

Martin: Got That Right!!!
by BrownBoy27 August 05, 2011
The overwhelming gust of warm stink that rushes up your nose after farting in the shower.
"Fart In The Shower" - Woah!! If only Jeremy Could Smell This Dutch Shower!
by BrownBoy27 August 05, 2011
A Term Defining The Coolest Living Being To Walk The Earth. Considered A Higher Power Than Chuck Norris.
Mark: Omg.. Did He Just Jump 3 Bricks With A Wheel Chair?

Jeff: YEAH!! That Is So Avisizo!!!
by BrownBoy27 August 05, 2011
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