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Verb - The act of tuna scooping 2 females simultaneously. Hands are faced down in a "luge starting" motion followed by a vaginal scoop. This is known as the female version of ski poles.
Melissa knows that she is the best when it comes to the luge start.
by Brown Team July 30, 2011
Verb - The act of luge starting 2 females simultaneously. Hands start out palms down and then you follow with a vaginal scoop, scooping towards your body. This is also known as the female version of ski poles.
Hey Mandy, I love the way you were tuna scooping those two hot blondes last night!

My hands are really cramped today from all that tuna scooping I was doing last night.

So did the CEO tuna scoop her last night?
by Brown Team August 14, 2011
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