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The act of acting brand new to a situation or acting as to be not a part of something taking place. Usually used when you act surprised about something you are involved in and try to claim innocent of the situation. Many Texans use this term in order to call out friends that are acting as if they are not involved in the situations at hand.
Carl: "Hey did you try to holla at that chick the other day?"
Mike: "Naw bro, I don't even know what you are talking about."
Carl: "Man get outta here with that Big Fakin."

Lamar:" Man i know that girl heard me call her name, but she looked at me like she didn't know me. She need to get outta here with that Big Fakin"
by Brown Album December 08, 2009
When someone is in the act of doing something stupid or out of line, causing embarrassment to one's self, making regrets on the action they previously took place in. Stems from the iconic saying in Nintendo 64's franchise "Mario Party". You would usually use this word as a noun. Used in similar instances as the saying, "FML".
"I had to hit my barber with a "Miss" when she messed my edge line in the front up"

"I saw this sorotiy girl running to class and she fell and busted her ass. My friends and I laughed and yelled to her, "Miss!!"

I was chillin with my t-jones when this chick text messaged me. my t-jones looked at the message as well. it said "when you gonna let me catch some of the killah weed you got". All I could do is shake my head and think "Miss".
by Brown Album December 08, 2009

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