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When a fan of hentai anime manages to talk a non-fan into taking their first steps along the slippery slope of animated Japanese porn. Derived from the Star Wars technique known as the Jedi Mind Trick.
"We hung out at Bob's last night, and ended up watching Cool Devices and Overfiend! He must have pulled the Hentai Mind Trick on us!"
by BrotherJohn35 November 27, 2008
A creative way of saying "Fuck!" For extra emphasis, "Fucknuggets and shitbiscuits!" is appropriate.
by BrotherJohn35 December 28, 2014
An ordained priest of Dudeism, who has the power to abide when many others would be reduced to furious shouts of "Forget about the Goddamned toe!" With the help of the music of Sublime and a few oat sodas, there aren't many storms this Dude can't weather.
by BrotherJohn35 December 28, 2014

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