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As a defensive move in the early 1960’s, multiple parishes in Louisiana passed ordinances to create a loop-hole to legitimize prostitution, providing that some measure of proof could be supplied that any acts were both mutual and reciprocated. The loop-hole rested on the common practice of Cajuns to leverage their affection for the taste of Hooker Pussy as a means to avoid cash tips for prostitutes. However, not all Cajun men would honor this “swamp brother” courtesy due to cheapness or out of sibling rivalry. As a result, hosts for prostitution parties would commonly serve Shrimp with their Hookers as a means to both mask the breath of their patrons as well as provide fiduciary evidence that a patron “may” have reciprocated, thus legitimizing any act or exchange. As a result, parties where Hookers and Shrimp are presented are commonly referred to as a Louisiana Ho-Down.
Boudreaux: “What say you tell that peace offer that makes him let you go after your brother’s Louisiana Ho-Down?”

Thibodeaux: “I say ‘my sisters a damn lier!!! Smell my breath’, he did and I’s gone frog jiggin.”

Cookiedeaux: “You call me a lier one more time and you’re gonna find your nads redder than a crawfish up a racoon’s ass !!”
by Brother Duke February 08, 2008

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