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Somebody of Indian Origin noted for Owning and Operating Corner Dairys (Conveiniance stores - which close at 8-8.30pm nightly)
the curry mucnhers on the courner own the dairy.
by Brother Number One October 10, 2003
Pathetic, Overated Hype invented by New Zealand's Imperialist-Scum Media used to create public hype and exploit the game of rugby when no such other hype exists for Wallaby or Springbok games of which are held more than once a year.
just cos the those barmy army lions play in NZ only once every 12 years, it doesnt make it any different from the Australians or South Africans who play here for 3 weeks per team at a time every year, this Barmy Army shit is majorly over-rated.
by Brother Number One June 29, 2005
(Acronym for Scene Kid ) - A Pathetic young person aged under 25 who blindly and mindlessly follows the flock like the Sheep they are but fit the description of: Males - Mohawks or Died hair and "punk" outfits although they know shit about the punk genre and only dress like a punk because its "in style". The female species of this diddicums group has choppy hair often with one side passing over either the left or right eye and is often dyed (usually black). In any cases Scenesters either listen to wussy poser "punk" bands (AKA "punk" bands that are actually on the top 40 or 50 or whatever charts and are overplayed on top 40/50 radio stns) ie. Blink 182, Greenday. or whatevers hot on the charts at current. Scenesters are another Sub-Group of Preps and chavs - sick fucks who like the sheep they are follow the crowd and dont know shit about individuality.
Those Scenesters - they need to be rounded at gunpoint to cathedral square, tied to that cone thingee and executed via firing squad for being poseurs - fuck them all, they die now
by Brother Number One June 29, 2005
a group Hailing from Bakersfield in Cali. Wrote the Blue-Prints for Grebosim by creating a crappy form of Heavy Metal Known as Nu-Metal
Korn are Sellouts
by Brother Number One November 07, 2003
This Geezer who lives within 3 kilometres (and born 20KM) from where i live made famous for creating the most sleep inducing, majorly over-rated LOTR series.
ive got nothing against Peter jackson himself, his LOTR is just so majorly over-rated
by Brother Number One March 21, 2004
March 17 - a Day to Drink as much piss as possible (notably Guinness) then fall over the floor swearing at your mates and the bartenders
Drink that Guinness mate
by Brother Number One March 21, 2004
an age group whos sole purpose in life is to be obsessed with sexual references, smart assing teachers and dressing up like a whore or a wannabe gangsta or wannabe punk. They listen to the most appalling noise ever theyc all "music" but in real life its a no-talent stripfest. Most often seen at high schools or working at Quacky Ds for a minimum wage. Have had there morals destroyed by the ZOG conspiracy.
I was a teenager 10 years ago and of all the stuff ive mentioned in my definition was "hip" then, then there was no doubt you'd be beaten, clubbed and stoned to death. Todays Teenagers lack the morals of those born a decade earlier.
by Brother Number One February 27, 2005

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