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Old Dominion University located in the Lamberts Point District of Norfolk. The Campus is between Bolling Ave and 41 Street. The school is the boarder between the ghetto of Norfolk which starts at 42nd Street and goes down toward the Ghent area. The Elizabeth River is right next to the fatherest dorm on campus Whitehurst, the other dorms are The Inn, Roger's, Ghersham, Powhatan, Ireland, and Virginia which are located around campus. The school was founded between the years fo 1910 and 1920 as a sister school to William and Mary. The tallest building on campus is Batan Arts and Letters or BAL it stands about 9 stories and is the the tallest building in the area. Starting in 2009 ODU will field its first football team to compete against other area schools like William and Mary and Norfolk State to name a few. The school has also completed a new state of the art fitness facility which has several basketball courts, an indoor track, a two level wieght lifting area, climbing wall, and a pool. The main building on campus is the Webb Center in the middle of campus, here can be found many different school offices like Student Affairs, Health services, Cafe 1201 and several places to eat. It should be noted that the food at Cafe 1201 is not very good and is more often then not monte cristo sandwhichs, a salad bar, pizza, a nachos place, a sandwhich stand, and stir fry place. Rogers and Whitehurst also have dinning halls though be careful as to not get the famous "Roger's Runs".
While in the daylight the school is safe, be careful walking down past 42nd street late at night as this is an area filled with crack heads and gang bangers. If you do choose to walk around this area at night bring several friends and you may also run in to Einstien the local crack head. ODU is know by 2 other names more commonly known today as Ole Dirty University, in the 80's is was known as Over Dose University because of the large drug trade in the area. While most of the students are commuters it should be noted that one should go home on the weekends because the dorms become a ghost town. If one chooses to stay 42nd street is a well known party street with every house throwing down. ODU is about 20 minutes from Virginia Beach and about 5 minutes with good traffic to Downtown Norfolk.
Where can one get an education and get hooked on crack at the same time?

by Brotbest July 13, 2009
A top tier school in Charlottesville Virginia. Founded by president Thomas Jefferson in 1819. The school is generally filled with two kinds of people. The people that made all A's in high school and should go to this school (minority). The rest of the school is filled with daddy's little girls and preppy faggots who didnt do shit in high school and have parents who donated a large sum of money to the school and thus got accepted because duh the school wants to make more money of daddy. Its easy to tell the differnce between the two groups even from 100 yards away. The people you see walking around in ties, sundresses and pearls are the students who bought their way in to school, note these students wear these cloths because why wouldnt you wear that if your first car was a brand new mercades and you have unlimited use of your parents platnuim cards? the second group are the students you never see because these are the students that worked their asses off to go to school here and are trying to keep the straight A's. It's a damn shame that nobody seems to understand the the reason UVA is a good school is because of these students are are making straight A's are jacking up the average for the school.
(The fallowing is a normal day at UVA)
Nerd: I am so happy I got in this school I worked so hard in high school to make all A's.
Typical Preppy Bitch: Like OH MY GOD Im so happy daddy paid large amounts of money for me to go here, like Ima go get drunk and then pass out.
Typical Preppy Faggot: Hey there sexy would you like to take a ride in my new porsche? my dad just bought for me last week casue I crashed the Lexus and needed a new ride. Hey you like my popped collar and docksiders yeah im so cool.
Nerd: You mean to tell me that I am the only person who accutally had to do my own work to get in here?
Typical Preppy Bitch: Like who are you and why are you talking to me?
by Brotbest August 14, 2009
The definition of a shitty band, pure and simple. Two of its members dont have real names, Bono the singer, and The Edge the guiterist. What your parents listen too because they think they are cool, when in fact everytime they play CD you want to step in front of a bus.
Dad: I love listening to U2 we need to play some right now.
Me: Dad U2 sucks!
Stepmom: You just have no musical taste...
Me: Correction you have no musical taste.
by Brotbest June 29, 2009

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