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4 definitions by Broose Lee

The 'popular' group of girls in any school. It consists of 5 types of chick:

One hot girl
One tall girl
One fat girl
One smart girl
One wannabe hot girl

Each girl has their own traits. The hot girl dates the school jock, the tall girl is good at sport, the fat girl is unaware of her horizontal abnormality, the smart girl does the homework of the hot girl, and the wannabe hot girl insults her self expecting pity from the hot girl.

Each girl bugs any boy in search of one. Hence 'Jugs and Hugs'
Jock: Hey man, Brittany is so hot.

Urban Dictionary Browser: Oh, you mean the hot chick from the jugs and hugs?

Jock: Yea man. I don't know about her friends though...
by Broose Lee February 11, 2014
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When one 'helicopters' his penis and hits someone by accident.
Jim: Brrrrrrrmmm (Helicopters)

(Jim hits his penis against Bill)

Bill: Da fuck?! Put that away!!

Jim: Sorry man. I just fling donged you! I clean it up.
by Broose Lee February 10, 2014
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Greek for 'wanker'.
Moolacka: Mmmm.. Oohhh

Fergadés: Aye aye aye!! Moolacka!!! Out of my house!!!
by Broose Lee February 10, 2014
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The way Asians say 'fuck'
Bruce Lee: Fwuak! I stub my toe now I need duh medical attention and duh band aid! Maduh Fwuakuh! I was wa-Ching ca den mado fado wock hit mai foot!!!
by Broose Lee February 11, 2014
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