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a trick in skateboarding where the back truck goes over the obstacle and grinds on the tail
"I almost did a bluntslide down that handrail but I fell."
by brooks December 27, 2004
One slick dude, he is the man in everything he does. He has perfect hair, puts the ladies before everything. He bangs like la'desh
see (Don Janus)
Whoa, did you see him? He is a brookster
by Brooks October 26, 2004
created by the brooks, used in good terms
wo, your band was klassic!
you like the game? yea it was ultimate klassic!
by brooks December 24, 2004
A slick dance move, better than anything Usher can do. It is performed when you least expect it.
Whatch this! It's the brookster
by Brooks October 27, 2004
When a overweight female has an infection of the female genital tract.
Hey Matt, look at that whooper with cheese!
by Brooks July 16, 2004
when a human expells gas that smells distinctly similar to burnt nuts covered in hazelnut.
awh! who ripped that nut double?
by brooks February 14, 2005
A Females body balloons that are fun to play with.
Brooks: Look at that biatch.
Wayne: Yeah, Shes got some nice fun Balloons.
Brooks: I'd like to flop one of those babys in my mouth.
Wayne: Bamm
by Brooks July 19, 2004

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