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DJ KiMDRI is one of the hottest up and comming talents down under (australia). His random lyrics and names has suprizingly been aknowlged and loved by young and old. Some of his songs include: breakdown evacuation dancing collage, my car got stolen at hooters and 12983(terochno)(cross between rock and techno).
jane: why didint you come home last nite
DJ KiMDRI: my car got stolen at hooters
jane: why were u at hooters
DJ KiMDRI: coz theres juggs of all kind
by Brooke M November 29, 2006
Pete wentz ( full name Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III )is the awsumist bassit from the awsumist Fall Out Boyin 2005 pete attempted suicide ( though he does not like to call it that)he was in hospital for a short time and took some time to recover before returning back to Fall Out Boyin 2006 he took photos of his p33n and it took many people of fall out boy. Pete also is the owner of Clandestine industries
and he is one of the hottest duddes eva!
pete wentz lyrics:i sat outside my front window...this stories going somewhere
he's well hung and i am hanging up
by Brooke M November 29, 2006

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