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Influential female fronted band from Bristol, UK. Part of the trip hop genre with their laid back beats and cool scratching. Their first album "Dummy" (1994) was praised by the media. And their second album, "Portishead" was welcomed warmly, although had quite a different sound to their first album. It was more dark and disturbed. But still just as original and enjoyable with that distinct jazz-fusion meets hip-hop feel about it.
Fans of Portishead often also enjoy Massive Attack, DJ Shadow, Lamb, Earthling, and Goldfrapp.
by Bronnie Tyler January 05, 2004
Fuzzy-haired black dolls with smiley red mouths made popular in children's stories by Enid Blyton, such as Noddy. The toys were mass produced, and even golliwog biscuits were made! But alas, in recent 'politically correct' years, golliwog numbers reduced, and were even banned in some areas because they were considered 'racist'. Golliwog biscuits were renamed "Scalliwags" and the toys disappeared from toy store shelves. But the occasional golliwog can still be found in specialised teddy bear and doll shops, as well as hand knitted ones at market stalls.
Hey, look at this golliwog! How cute! But wait a minute... it's black. Oh no, we can't have black dolls. That's racist! Only white dolls should be available. Then EVERYONE will be happy!
by Bronnie Tyler January 05, 2004

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