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Person who instinctively needs to manipulate others. Control is the motivation in any scenario. Cunnning; may be disguised as other type of freak, such as a clean freak. Often speaks highly of chaos.
Quickly cleans up after you, as if to suggest, 1) You're not clean enough. 2) This is how you need to do it.

Will also move your things around in a seemingly banal way.
by Bronco May 31, 2004
Term used by the newly enlightened to describe people who "don't get it" according to the user. A way to put down other people based upon totally subjective criteria.
"Oh look at those sheeple voting for Kerry. They don't know what I know. I'm so above them. It's nice to know I'm better than most people. Isn't life grand, yet so tragic."
by Bronco September 26, 2005
A fictional digest of the notion that Jesus was actually a mortal human who lived and married and made babies and died as people do. The story suggests strongly that the Church usurped Jesus' following by misinterpreting and heavily editing the gospels. The notion is a threat to the Church which bases all its power and influence on the idea that Jesus was magical God being who had no faults and for some reason committed a suicidal sacrifice for the benefit of everyone.
The Da Vinci Code is the first level of detox for a soul weary of Christian mind control.
by Bronco May 08, 2006

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