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2 definitions by Brokencheese

1.Rectos: a term said by people when their mind has been blown completley.
2. a tearm meaning a mixture of "OMG and WTF NO WAY"

NOTE*(Rectos is usually "sang" in a high pitched voice rather than said, Rectos can also be used as the subject in a sentance eg."thats a rectos")
1) guy 1: Dude, i just realized it how mutch man has evolved since the beging of time... just think about it.

guy 2: Rectos!

2) Guy 1: you know those underwater jet streams in Finding Nemo?

Guy 2: ya?

Guy 1: there real!


3)Guy 1: Thats Nasty, that dog just slobbered all over my face!
Girl 1: Dog's tounges are cleaner than human's
guy 1: Thats A Rectos!
by Brokencheese March 04, 2010
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Bamski- (BaM-Ski) a combination of prefix Bam- (taken from Blam) and the suffix -ski (to amplify). Blamski is most often used after revealing a major contradiction (like, crazy huge) or when gloating. when yelling Bamski the user must have the presence of an angry black lady, even if the user is a man.
1. Lawyer: If the body really was hung upside down right after death, theirs no way the caretaker didn't see the body during his shift

Procecuter: Shit

Lawyer: BAMSKI!

2. Guy: i bet you cant do a back flip
Girl: *does a back flip*
by Brokencheese August 25, 2010
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