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1 definition by Broke, Beating Off, and Scared

A very cool online community based on cannabis and general life around it. The members are generally nice. There lots of lolz to be had and lolz to be made. A great place, also has a pretty good headshop alongside it.

However the moderators are extreme assholes.... someone got banned for jokingly suggesting that the OP get a flamethrower to defend their house against a local burglar. You would think that a community based around an illegal narcotic would be more lax on relatively harmless banter but no.

Lots of thought provoking stuff, though. I suggest you check it out.
OP creates mind blowing thread on Grasscity about opening up your thoughts and being accepting of other people. However, he made a brief mention of LSD and was therefore banned and the thread deleted (discussion of other drugs is illegal cuz l1ke weed is not a drug rite?????)
by Broke, Beating Off, and Scared August 22, 2012