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The male equivalent of a ho train. 3 or more bros chillin together, working the beer pong table, and playing Mario Kart.

There is generally a conductor who can be identified by such aggressive phrases as "Where's your beer bro?" and "Come on bro, one more round!" The opposite of this is the caboose, who tags along at the end of train, asking where the train is going and getting paper towels for the pong table.
"What are you doing tonight?"
"Oh you know, the bro train is rolling over and we're going to power hour or maybe play bet your liver"
by Broham Brosef March 01, 2008
A bro, a brosif, a broheim. A brother from another mother.

Also can refer to a brother from the same mother.
"What up"
"Chillin with the broslice."
by Broham Brosef March 01, 2008
When a fresh a deuce is so large that it breaches the surface of the toilet bowl water, exposing the tip to air.

The toilet bowl is designed to use water to contain the terrifying smell of fecal matter. Naturally, when a load is large enough to reach periscope depth it stinks up the bathroom something terrible, requiring a courtesy flush.
"Whoa dude, did you just dump all of Bombay in this bowl? My fuckin nose is going to fall off"
"Sorry after all that built up sushi that dump reached periscope depth"
by Broham Brosef March 01, 2008

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