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To Squirt the love juice
I skeet skeet skeet all over the room after she <insert sexual activity here>
by Brodieman April 22, 2004
Someone who mongers poop
Don't be such a poomongerer
by Brodieman April 22, 2004
An exclamation of greatness, used to replace great, wonderful, spiffing, fandabidosie, etc... Originates from the mining town of Navan in Eire and the Loretto College in particular.
Mary comes into school with a new pair of Nike tackies. Her friend Emma would say, "Ah they're stylee" in place of "I think that your trainers are the most beautiful I have ever seen and will blackmail my parents into buying me a pair of those this very evening."
by Brodieman December 01, 2004

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