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The highest tier of a man's love for another man, without having any sexual want towards the man.
I have a mancrush on Ryan Dunn for being the man.
by Brodie Bruce January 05, 2005
Commonly Confused with Court TV because they tend to show all the same people.
Hey I was watching R. Kelly's new video on Black Entertainment Television while he was being arraigned on Court TV for pissing on chicks.
by Brodie Bruce January 18, 2005
You get a jewring when you take off the yammicka and it leaves either hat head or a ring in ones hair where the yammicka was.
-Look at that Jew boy.
-How do you know he is a Jew?
-Just look at that mad Jewring left on that kid.
by Brodie Bruce January 18, 2005
The coolest guy ever? Probably.
<i>"Dude, every time TheTheoryReturns posts in one of my topics I feel as though I've been touched by an angel. In my pants."</i>
by Brodie Bruce August 27, 2004

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