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the description of anyone who is true to themself
honesty is beautiful.
by brodie February 12, 2004
when on an online video game, instead of typing "yay" or hooray", you type w00t!
I killed you! w00t!
by Brodie March 15, 2004
Combination of huh and what.
Often mistaken for a grunt.
Mom: Whran blarg foblisaggle
Me: Whuh?
by Brodie March 07, 2004
Burt Reynold Style. A reference to the movie Smokey the Bandit, a movie in which Burt Reynolds stared in.
So you'r going bandit reynold's style?
by brodie November 14, 2004
To suck a person peen (penis)
suk mah peen!!!!11
by Brodie April 22, 2004
Is used in reference to a positive situation or thing, similar to "sick guy". Usually used in accordance with either "magillers" or "guy".
"I just picked up a half O"
"Thats illers guy, lets get hizzy"
by brodie May 11, 2004
Nerd and geek are often confused
A nerd is someone of high intelligence, will little social life and communication skills
A geek is someone of high intelligence, with a social life and can communicate with others
Nerd = Programmer
Geek = Programmer/Analyst
by Brodie September 05, 2003
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