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1 definition by Brodacious Bo

First coined by a rapper 'booty busche' and his home skillet, the 'golden retriever,' in a froyo shop during a crazy night in New York, which included adventure time and the consumption of a mario mushroom, "Sloating" is...
V. The act of being utterly awesome; chivalrous, honorable, honest, strong, fun, respectable and respectful, courageous and above all, sexy, desirable and swaggalicious. There's no better way of putting it, but when a person's SLOATING (ability to sloat) is so good, they are respected enough to be deemed a 'sloat'...The next level up from that is known as a 'sexy sloat', and after that you're known as a 'sloater'. Many Kudos to you. You'll be getting more than winks at this stage.
Broski: Dude let's go rock some boats?!?!
Dude: Brochad, how bout we go sloat some boats?
Broski: Now that's sloating...Is Jensen ready?
Dude: Mr. Busche is ;) may I take your order mam?
Dudette: Of course ;)... you're fine a sloater Ernie
by Brodacious Bo January 02, 2013
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