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Very sexually fustrated. Havent had sex in a very long time......possibly years.
Guy: I'm runnin so cold if i dont get it soon i'l explode!
by Broco May 05, 2005
Not had sex for a very long time and REALLY want it
Steve: Dude i'm runnin so cold i gonna get frostbite
by Broco May 05, 2005
A Spanish female who dresses and acts like a chav.
Guy: Wow look at that Chavorita!
Guy2: I know dude! She has 1 hot ass!
by Broco May 08, 2005
a term for the male genitals
Guy: ima send my beef train up yo tuna tunnel
by Broco May 04, 2005
A really evil but highly attractive angel who enjoys spreading misery about the world. She has very dark hair. Most guys lust after them.
GUY: wow there's Sam she's such a dark angel grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
by Broco May 05, 2005
A large field in leeds where all da stoners go 2 smoke their shit!
c'mon guys lets go 2 Leeds festival n smoke sum shit! damn!
by Broco May 04, 2005
A really evil dark haired angel that enjoys spreading misery throughout the world. All guys lust after this type of angel.
Guy: Wow there's Sam she's such an evil dark angel! RUN!
by Broco May 05, 2005

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