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-A Military Credit Card sponsored by Affes that will ruin your whole life.

-The worst decision you could ever make, comparable to stabbing yourself in the chest.
-"Having a Star Card is like going to Thailand as a Lance Corporal and knocking up a Thai national, only to go back to Thailand 18 years later as a Master Gunnery Sergeant and unknowingly banging a Katoy (She-male) who turns out to be the love child of the Thai woman you had knocked up 18 years prior".

-"Having a Star Card is like going on a road trip with your family and stopping at a restaurant to eat where instead you are tied down and your whole family is beaten and raped in front of your own eyes and before releasing you, they make you pay for it all and the only currency accepted for some ungodly reason, is Star Card."

"Someone stole my Star Card! Phew* Its their problem now".
by BrockLee Productions June 11, 2010

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