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The act of urinating on caged animals for training purposes when all other methods have failed. (also works with humans)
My friend's dog Cleo kept pissing all over his house so he had to c buck whizzle that fucking mutt.

My friend Colin really pissed me off so I c buck whizzled that fucking kid.
by Broass June 12, 2006
When smoking weed in a bowl, the assy part of the bowl when there is nothing really left but ash. This means the bowl is beat. Rodney King was beat hence the similarities.
That last hit tasted like ass, that bowl is definetly Rodneyed.

That bowl is beat man. No dude, that bowl is Rodneyed!!!
by Broass June 09, 2006
When playing Disc Golf, if a person walks in the way of the person throwing, after being warned, and gets nailed by the disc which could leave a nice welt.
Oh shit, that motherfucker just got daved, that had to hurt.
by Broass June 09, 2006
A girl that eats shit and loves eating shit. She doesn't even want anything in return. A girl that just loves the shit.
I was gonna take a fat shit in the toilet, but instead the jake took it all in her mouth.

Does that girl really eat shit? Yea man, she is a total jake.
by Broass June 09, 2006
anal sex between 2 guys. The more 3's, the more fags there are.
Those two fags are gonna 33 later on tonight. That's fucking gross.
by Broass June 09, 2006

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