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abbreviated as USMC. a synonym for US Marine Corps.
I can't believe you went and joined up with uncle sam's misguided children.
by Broan October 25, 2007
pretty simple synonym for a penis
You ready for my purple headed yogurt thrower?
by Broan October 25, 2007
another way of saying stinky pussy.
Lets go get some pinky stussy tonight.
by Broan October 25, 2007
a penis that does not extend beyond the furry bear brush.
Dude, you gotta shave that shit, free that teddy pecker from the jungle.
by Broan October 25, 2007
a white trash, and possibly inbred person from Amador County, California.
Run! the misk are after us with their shotguns and rabid ferrets!
by Broan October 25, 2007

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