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1 definition by BroadShoulders07

a typical masculine looking female with a profound butch haircut who seems commanding in every aspect of her life, she doesn't get fucked, she does the fucking and let's her girlfriend know that, can often be seen wearing a flannel with the sleeves cut off, and it is safely assumed just by looking at her that she is probably a bitch and doesn't take shit from anyone
Mike: Dude go in there and try to buy some alcohol
Josh: No dude, she looks like a bitch
Mike: Are you assuming that she's a bitch based solely on that fact that she is butch?
Josh:(laughs) Yes, yes i am
Mike: So is it safe to assume that all butch women are bitches
Josh: Yes, yes it is, they are "Butch Bitches"
by BroadShoulders07 December 18, 2010
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