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2 definitions by Bro1088

when a man and a women performes intercourse and the man farts and violently shoves the womens head down and makes her smell the potent fumes.
John sweedish ovened taylynn after she said is penis was small.
by Bro1088 August 25, 2006
a man is getting head from a girl and comes in her mouth, instead of swollowing the girl spits the remaining cum into an empty sams choice can and throws it out. After a few days they check on the can and the cum has dried over the remaining coke in the can.
Daxton gave the ol' Sam's choice special to Taylynn one night.

Man i cant believe that coke tasted like sperm.

Yum i love sams choice!
by Bro1088 August 26, 2006