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2 definitions by Bro Dimaggio

A genre of movies which prominently features battle, fight or war scenes (explosions) and attractive females (tits).
Hey Chad wanna come over and watch a couple splosiontits flicks? I've got Iron Man 2 and Transformers 2 on DVD. Pick up a 12 pack of Natty Ice on the way.
by Bro Dimaggio May 30, 2010
During the act of lovemaking, the male proceeds to position his female partner such that her legs are pointing up and she is standing on her head/shoulders. He then proceeds to straddle her and defecate inside her vagina, thus making a "muddy taco."
Last night while Brett tried to give Margaret another muddy taco, he slipped and shat all over her.
by Bro DiMaggio October 04, 2013