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2 definitions by Brlz

An apartment that is the best of everything!!

As a room for trash, has a room for ugly girls, room for pooping, a room for mom, a room for drinking.

Contains 5 guys, a few of which are JUICE HEADS!

Girls can only come into the PAD if it is for sexual favors.

Has to have: Brick wall, Dart Board, Flat screen TV, Cieling fans, trash room, fold down ironing board, 3 different living room couches, and a Jew Cave
Bro you hear where i moved?

No where?

The SUPERPAD.... ooooowwweeeee!!!
Sweet dude, can i swing by?

Only if you bring beer, girls and your game
by Brlz May 06, 2010
aka gm is a friend that is around during class and to study Mon-Friday afternoon and when you call him to hang out on Friday night or over the weekend, he is just GONE!

2. someone who claims he is always around to do something but never shows up
Kai: Bro i'm going to call chris and see if he wants to come
Bryce: Don't bother, he is being a total ghostman!
Kai: Yeah you are right, he is prob up in Boston or somewhere dumb like that.

Bryce: i guess.

aayush: so is kai coming out tonight - he said he would this time
chris: no he is ghostmanning it again tonight
all the girls: yea i dont think Ive ever seen him out
by Brlz May 06, 2010