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Comes from the name Yvonne, it is a nickname used to describe amazingly hot and talented girls, especially if they have big tongues!
1. that is YV she has a really big tongue
2. That girl is so YV!
by Britty February 17, 2005
Karly... she looks so sweet and innocent but she is actually a SEX FIEND but you would never guess it cause I mean look she's KARLY. Duh!

She likes to rape guys like that guy in Peter pan.
Kinky Karly raped Jesse McCartney.
by BRITTY March 20, 2005
A girl who whores around to get crack ;D

Her name is Kaila, and if you don't like it then pack up your shit and find a foster home.

Why? Because that's the way it's going down.
Crackwhore Kaila is wearing a cat suit to the Halloween dance
"What are you supposed to be?"
"I'm a cat, DUH! *points to ears*"

Bisexual Brittany said "Clean it up Crackwhore" to Crackwhore Kaila
by BRITTY March 20, 2005
A Polish Stripper by the name of Susan. She enjoys killing babies, smoking joints, and stripping.

She likes beating the hell out of people, and she won't stop just because you need to breathe, idiot.

Also a long time raper of Billie Joe Armstrong.
If you ever mess with Stripper Susan, prepare to get the shit kicked out of of you.

Stripper Susan likes to strip WEOWWW!!
by BRITTY March 20, 2005
Big wimpy ass
shes a BWA!
by Britty December 04, 2003
A girl named Taja who is a transexual and a transvestite. She can be either one but it depends what mood she's in that day.

Likes the Spice Girls, Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.
Hobo 1: Is that... Transexual Taja?
Hobo 2: Oh by golly gosh- Yes , it is!
Hobo 1: Let's go rape her in a dark alley!
Hobo 2: Nope, sorry, that job's already been done by her awesome and sexy lover, Bisexual Brittany!
Hobo 1: Darn!
by BRITTY March 20, 2005
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