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a game for the 4-20 friendly people of the world in which you must take a hit and hold the smoke in your lungs until the whole circle has had a hit.

This is a really fucked up game unless you call it because people love to stop in the middle of the game and when you begin to turn purple they'll say, "Dude, we stopped playing baseball hella days ago."
V: You leave the group, we're gonna have to do something you hate.
B: What?
V: Play baseball

(3 Bowls Later)
B: My lungs are starting to hurt, can we stop?
V: We never played baseball. You decided to stay in.
by Brittney Sade October 12, 2008
a person dedicated to playing the Nintendo Wii.
Hey Isiah, you coming over tomorrow?
No! Gotta go a play my Wii
Your so wii-tarded.
by Brittney Sade December 09, 2006
a word for a teacher that drones on a subject forever.
see Freshman Seminar or Frosh Sem.
"omfg, did he just mention job shadowing again?"
"yeah, he's such a ramos".
by Brittney Sade December 06, 2006
Freaking Awesome Guy

Freaking Awesome Gal

Freaking Awful Guy

Freaking Awful Gal: see bitch
Schoenemann is such a FAG...freaking awful guy.
by Brittney Sade March 31, 2006

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