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sexy, talented, under-rated goddess. bassist for the smashing pumpkins. better than melissa auf der maur.
d'arcy can kick melissa's ass.
by brittles August 28, 2004
cool j-rock band. did music for FLCL. sort of a poppier japanese version of the pixies.
P! that means pillows!
by brittles September 13, 2004
album by the pixies that came out in 1988. it has a cool rough and raw sound, like they're playing in the same room.
"once i buy sufer rosa, my life will be complete."

"i gave my extra copy of surfer rosa to fanboy and he has yet to listen to it. stupid bastard!"
by brittles September 13, 2004
coolest girl ever, after her twin sister, kim deal. had her own band, the kelley deal 6000 in 1997. they rocked.
kelley deal is often over looked in favor of kim, but that doesn't mean she's not as talented.
by brittles August 28, 2004
awesome song by the pixies.
gigantic, gigantic, gigantic, a big big love!
by brittles September 01, 2004
kelley deal's former band. they're fucking awesome.
and when the head of the cult flies westward...
by brittles September 20, 2004
To have sexual intercourse
Candice: did you get dergs?
Catty:totally got dergs last night off tinder boy
by Brittles May 15, 2014

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