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Stoners Halloween. Involves alot of weed, hence the weed part in halloweed. Loved by many {including me}.
It's Halloweed, fuck trick or treatign we got weed lol.
by Brittany K December 22, 2006
A band from Southern California that not many people know about. If you asked 100 peopel maybe 2 would know. They sing about the important things in life:drugs, sex, girls, and the legalization of weed. They send a very postive attitude out to their listeners. Since 1998 they have put out 13 cds and they always have more stuff coming.
Kottonmouth Kings Lyrics:

“we got all types”– At 4-2-0 yeah our clocks is always altered- “we talking pounds” These
anti-hero’s are just here to serve you proper “Roll that shit up” So leave those blessings right
up here upon the alter “pass it around” at 4-2-0 everybody’s burning Ganja”
by Brittany K December 22, 2006
what stoners call christmas/what they celebrate on december 25th
happy kushmas man! yea!
by Brittany K May 12, 2007
1.) drug overdose

2.) the newspaper from utica, ny. stands for observer dispatch.
1.) once upon a time there was a hooker in utica and she died in a hot tub from an od.

2.) her story made the front page of the od.
by Brittany K December 17, 2006

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