110 definitions by Brittany

dick or a males part or a penis
I wanna bounce on his falosapus!
by Brittany December 08, 2004
A friggin' idiot who cant rap a song without a female R&B singer.
Ja rule should go get shot by fitty cent.
by Brittany August 23, 2003
noun: a fatty buldge in the crotch region on indians
Damn, that's the primest crotch pooch I have ever seen!
by Brittany February 06, 2005
means the same thing as radical, awsome, or sweet...u get the idea.
Those new shoes are totally tobular dude
by Brittany January 10, 2005
a combination of fabtastic(fabulous and fantastic put together) and awesome- pretty much the most amazing thing ever! - word created by brittany
you are so fabtawesome!
by brittany January 06, 2005
unable to lively shake the shoulders and hips; unable to shimmy
It was an ok dance, but Jane shouldn't have been in it. She's too shimpared.
by Brittany December 21, 2004
n. - what occurs when Caucasian people talk jive.
Man, I can't understand that girl's crackajive!
by Brittany June 17, 2004
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