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involves an understanding of the elements of music, musical forms, musical styles, and periods. The cultivation of an understanding and senstive awareness of music. to have an undying passionate love for the greatest thing on earth... music!
Music appreciation should be a required subject in schools.
by brittany April 19, 2005
really stupid
dude, that child is dumb as shit
by brittany October 11, 2003
extremly hott and amazing!!! in the bestest band in the whole world GREEN DAY he rocks my socks i love him sooo much !!!!!!
billie joe is soo hott he melts me
by brittany March 10, 2005
the chains and pendants that are iced out with tons of diamonds, or the amount of chains around my neck.
You got maad blingage britt.
by brittany November 14, 2003
a lovely family resturaunt.
yo, where you want some brunch, tamika?
shanaynay c'mon gurl, youz know i love dat perkinsz!
by brittany June 17, 2006
to be ignored, rejected by other people
man, you didnt make the basketball team, prolly why u deaded
by Brittany December 05, 2004
something excelent or did really awesome on
charlie you did superduperluperwuper on todays spelling test"said the teacher
by Brittany March 07, 2005

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