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Pronounced lee-um or said L-I-O-M Is short for lay it on me.
1.Quit beating around the bush! LIOM, already! 2. (or,) What is it? L-I-O-M, ok?
by Brittany T April 17, 2008
See: frozen banana A frozen cherry is a frozen banana, but preformed on a girl, hence the "cherry" part of the word.
My boyfriend is so wild! He came home with a cherry slurpee, then before we got busy he gave me a frozen cherry..It was incredible!!
by Brittany T April 23, 2008
Stands for: Scandalous Cheap Ass Bastard.
If you wanna eat a happymeal and drink water, then go out with kenneth. On the other hand, if u want a good meal in a nice resturant, then do not call him. He is such a SCAB, and would never pay for any thing nice like that!
by Brittany T April 22, 2008
A little bit of something, a little bit of shit, ie. food, drugs, ect.
1.Yeah, I want some some pizza, but I'm not that hungry. just give me a shizzlebit. 2. Damn, for 20 bucks this sure is a shizzlebit ass sack! 3. Yeah, I took a piss, but only a shizzlebit came out!
by Brittany T April 16, 2008
Pronounced es-X The sex you have with an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend after you have broken up with them.
I saw my ex girlfreind lana at the bar last night. We talked for a while, and old feelings started to come back. One thing led to another, and before you knew it, we were on my bedroom floor having S-EX!
by Brittany T April 24, 2008
Any person who stops the flow of movement or traffic. Someone who holds other people up in any line, such as in a fast food establisment, movie theater, ect.
I was in food mart yesteray, and i just happened to be in line behind old lady Mc ginty. not only did she use double coupons on every item, which by the way took forty five minutes, she paid for a hundred dollars worth of groceries with pennies! By the time she was done, the line was all the way back at the deli section! What a serious drain clogger!
by Brittany T April 22, 2008
Another name for genital warts.
My ex boyfriend Carlo is one son of a bitch! Not only did he break up with me on my birthday, he gave me the toad! I hope he dies!
by Brittany T April 22, 2008

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