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From episode #2 of Glee on Fox, Showmance, where Puck (Noah Puckerman) tells Santana Lopez to "take it". While saying this he had been doing something very naughty to a balloon that was between them!
Example #1:

Girl 1: "Can you hand me that?"
Girl 2: "Here, take it."
*both burst into laughter*
Girl 1: "Dirty, dirty, dirtttyyy!!!"

Example #2:

Girl 1: "You sooooo wanna take it from him!"
Girl 2: "I don't! Well, maybe a little..."

Example #3:

Take it, TAKE IT."

by BrittaQuinnGleeLover June 17, 2010
The disorder of two people who aren't literally twins, but they act the same, think the same, and very often say the same thing at the same time. Many times these people are complete opposites in their appearance.
House of Night, Erin Bates and Shaunee have definite twinititus, but they're also called Twins by the people around them and call each other Twin.
by BrittaQuinnGleeLover June 17, 2010
What you call the movie Pleasantville when you actually pay attention to what's going on and are informed about certain... things.
Pleasantville? More like PLEASUREville!
by BrittaQuinnGleeLover June 17, 2010
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