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Slang term for the city of Escondido, California. The word is the result of a combination of the adjective "ghetto" with the formal name "Escondido", coined by white suburban kids whose private at-home lifestyles exceed the standards and venues of ther public areas in the city they reside.
Of course they don't sell designer jeans at our mall...we live in Esconghetto!
by Britta Hoskins January 15, 2007
Expletive used in southern california to express extreme surprise, awe, shock, disappointment, etc.
Origin: North County, San Diego
1. Did you see how hot she looked at the dance? I was like, dangarang!

2. Dangarang! I just got the car washed, and now it's raining.
by Britta Hoskins January 15, 2007
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